Honoring Our Own

Albertus   March 15, 2010   Comments Off on Honoring Our Own

The SPEAK Sixth Annual DSP Appreciation Banquet was held on March 9  at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Louisville.  The ballroom was packed with members from eleven Kentucky organizations who serve people with developmental disabilities.  It was a fun and uplifting gathering and that evening’s theme was “DSPs Work Magic Everyday”.  Members of the Louisville Magic Club were  present and entertaining everyone with card and sleight of hand magic tricks.  The centerpieces created by Zoom Group’s day programs supported the theme and were a big hit with everyone.

Each of the eleven organizations honored their own employees with two awards.  Zoom Group’s President, Annie Rosenberg-Sattich spoke glowingly about our company’s two DSPs who received recognition.  The “Shooting Star” award goes to an employee who has been with their company less than a year and is making a positive difference as a newcomer.  Zoom Group’s “Shooting Star” is Tera Walker (first person on the right in the above photo) who works with the company’s commercial operations department at our UPS location.  Zoom Group’s “DSP of the Year” is Mary Pendleton (second on the right) who has been instrumental in running the day program at our St. Matthew’s location at the Calvin Presbyterian Church.  Both Mary and Tera are selfless individuals and our clients love them.

Also last week, Julie (first on the left) and I made a visit to the  St. Matthew’s day program to hang on their walls a few artworks made by StudioWorks artists.   We were honored to be asked by our sister program to share some of our work with fellow Zoom Group clients!  Julie and I received many nice compliments.  Here’s a picture of Mary Pendleton taking Julie’s photo next to her painting of the fountain on 4th Street.  I think Julie enjoyed her visit!

Now for one last centerpiece image.  I’m not sure whether this was made at the St. Matthew’s location or at our Garden House program?  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  Folks enjoyed the centerpieces so much…they took them home with them after the event!  Check out this rabbit in the hat.