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Our employment service simplifies hiring and introduces a talented pool of individuals with disabilities, bringing unique skills and perspectives to your organization.

I'm Seeking Employment

Our Supported Employment Services are crafted to assist individuals with disabilities in finding meaningful employment opportunities in a competitive, integrated setting.

AVENUEZ Supported Employment

Welcome to AvenueZ, an inclusive workforce development and support entity. AvenueZ is dedicated to providing high-quality, supported employment services to foster an inclusive workforce.

Supported Employment Services

AvenueZ provides supported employment services in conjunction with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and to participants on the Supports for Community Living Waiver and the Michelle P Waiver. This person-centered service aims to assist an individual in engaging in paid work that occurs in a typical community setting and offers competitive wages. The Supported Employment Specialists, also known as ‘job coaches’, of AvenueZ, are highly trained to assist in developing a Person-Centered Employment Plan and work with each individual during the Job Development stage to ensure an appropriate job match. Once an appropriate match has been identified, our job coaches will assist from the application and interview phase to stable employment and beyond. Supported Employment Specialists may also assist with initial on-the-job training and requesting reasonable accommodations. AvenueZ job coaches will be available to support clients throughout their employment journey.

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