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I'm an Employer

Our employment service simplifies hiring and introduces a talented pool of individuals with disabilities, bringing unique skills and perspectives to your organization.

I'm Seeking Employment

Our Supported Employment services, both Traditional and Customized, are crafted to help individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment opportunities.

AVENUEZ Supported Employment & Customized Supported Employment

Welcome to AVENUEZ, an inclusive workforce development and support entity, an outcome of Zoom Group (ZG) comprehensive disabilities services entity, originally launched in 1986.

AVENUEZ is solely dedicated to fostering an inclusive workforce by connecting employers with talented individuals with disabilities.

What We Do

Employment Planning

AVENUEZ Employment Planning services help job seekers with career exploration and development. This service provides information about employment opportunities within a community and the skills, education, and training needed to meet individual employment goals.

Workforce Development

Employment provides the opportunity to engage as a member of a community. AVENUEZ helps people with disabilities learn skills to enter the workforce successfully or to return to work after an illness or injury.

Not only do employees benefit from the gratification of having a job, but businesses also gain from their contributions. AVENUEZ offers a variety of services designed to assist individuals in finding and keeping a job. AVENUEZ can help with career exploration, learning how to conduct a job search, job placement assistance, as well as provide job coaching in an actual job.

The individual’s preferences and needs will determine the employment services the individuals require. The following briefly explains some of the Workforce Development Services available through AVENUEZ.

Supported Employment

AVENUEZ services are designed to help individuals be trained in and secure jobs they choose while helping employers strengthen workforce diversity. Both the job seeker and the employer receive the assistance of an AVENUEZ Employment Specialist who will provide support during the training period. The employment specialist remains available to both the employee and the employer for assistance if issues or concerns arise.

Job Placement Competetive Employment

AVENUEZ Job Placement Competitive Employment services help individuals find and keep employment that meets their employment goals.

Vocational counseling, job-seeking skills, adaptive needs assessment, case management services, and job development are some examples of the menu of services that can assist in finding a job.

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