Connects Individuals and Vocation

ZoomWorkZ provides an inclusive and empowering opportunity for individuals seeking employment training in commercial settings. This program is designed to equip team members with the skills, work habits, and productivity tools necessary to thrive in the workplace, ultimately paving the way for their transition into competitive employment.

Zoom Group (ZG) believes in fostering a sense of accomplishment and purpose in each day, building strong support networks, and celebrating the achievement of milestones – including those precious first paychecks.

What We Do

Employment Training in Commercial Settings

Our training program immerses team members in real-world commercial environments, preparing them for the challenges and expectations of the modern workplace. Through hands-on experience, individuals learn the ropes of various industries and gain insights into what it takes to succeed.

Development of Work Habits

We understand that good work habits are the foundation of a successful career. Our program emphasizes punctuality, effective communication, teamwork, and professionalism. These essential skills not only contribute to personal growth but also enhance workplace productivity.

Skill Enhancement

We are committed to helping our team members improve and master their skills, providing accessibility to a variety of career interests: Office, Retail, Food Service, Food Manufacturing, Logistics, etc. UPS’s Supply Chain Services Division, a long standing partner, provides opportunities from fulfillment and kitting to shipping services, providing a platform for individuals to refine their abilities while contributing to UPS’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Meaningful Work and Accomplishment

Meaningful work is at the heart of what we do. By engaging in productive activities and seeing tangible results, our team members experience a deep sense of accomplishment that enriches their lives and boosts their self-esteem.

Building Support Networks

We believe that a strong community is vital to personal and professional growth. Through our program, individuals forge natural support networks, foster connections, and build relationships that extend beyond the workplace.

Community Impact

As a Pre-Vocational and AbilityOne enterprise, ZG, through its extensive business network, we empower team members to make a positive impact. For example, ZG’s long standing relationship with the Louisville Robley Rex Medical Center and Lexington’s VA Medical Center, we contribute to the community, veterans, by providing services such as commercial laundry, janitorial, and ground maintenance. We not only empower our team members but also make a positive impact

Welcoming New Business Partners

We are excited to collaborate with a variety of business partners who share our vision of inclusive employment. If you’re an organization looking to make a difference in your community while benefiting from the unique talents of our team members, we eagerly invite you to join our network.

Bridging the Workforce Gap

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the workforce gap by integrating our talented team members into various industries. Through community relationships and partnerships, we believe that we can collectively create a more inclusive and productive workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

ZG helps students and individuals with disabilities prepare for their future.

Pre-Vocational (ZoomWorkZ)
Students/individuals with a disability who are 22 years of age or older.

  • Job Exploration Counseling
  • Work-Based Learning Experiences
  • Work Readiness Training
  • Self-Advocacy Training and Peer Mentoring
  • Post-Secondary Educational Counseling


These services help build a toolkit for success.

  • Job Counseling explores career-path options best suited to your skills, abilities, aptitudes, and interests.
  • Work-Based Learning Experiences provide practical, hands-on training, including building successful social skills and work environment behaviors.
  • Readiness Training focuses on employability and related skills that prepare you to work. Resume writing, mock interviews, conducting a job search, and job applications are a part of the training.
  • Instruction to Self-Advocacy Training and Peer Mentoring teach you how to talk about your needs and make decisions about your life to become more independent.
  • Post-Secondary Educational Counseling provides information about continuing education options, accessing financial aid, etc.

ZoomWorkZ is available in the community with ZG’s valued business partners. Industries include office, manufacturing, logistics, food service, retail, lifestyle and boutique businesses.

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